Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel Survival Essential: Duct Tape

I've been completely fascinated with all the weird but charming things being made out of duct tape lately. Not to mention all the pretty new colors and patterns they now come in. Bright pink, green, metallic, plaid, polka dot, damask...

So I picked up a roll of teal and metallic silver and taped together a luggage tag. Why a luggage tag you ask, well, because what else would I make with duct tape?! Luggage tags need to be durable (check), brightly colored so I can spot my luggage on the turnstile quickly (check), waterproof (check), inexpensive (check), and totally cool (check!)! Not to mention I'll be using it shortly while en route to Aruba. Have I mentioned I'm going to the Caribbean yet? Why yes, I do believe I may have mentioned that once or twice. *insert snarky grin here*

I crafted this tag to include a flap with a clear plastic window to read my contact info. Then I tied it up with a neon green ribbon. Now I'm ready to rock and roll! Get it? Roll. Ah, yes I need a vacation.

Click here to see videos on how you can make a duct tape luggage tag and many other fun things like wallets, belts, and roses for your sweetheart.

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Sybilline said...

just featured your duck tape luggage tag in my blog: Enjoy!